How to resell My Family Cinema

revender my family cinema

1. How to resell My Family Cinema

Do you want to become our agent and resell My Family Cinema codes? Please join our reseller platform Panel and start your path to wealth!

We are the official sellers of TVExpress and MFC, and our prices are the cheapest. On the panel, the more quantity you buy, the cheaper the unit price you will receive. It is suggested that you can purchase a small quantity wholesale at the beginning, and then increase the quantity after the business grows.

If you only need one or two MFC recharge code for yourself, you can buy from our website:

2. How to use the panel?

First, you need to register a new account on Panel(

1) Click “SignUp”, and select your phone or email as your account name. We suggest registering using your phone so we can contact you more quickly when you encounter issues.

2) Write your phone number or email

3) click “Send”, and a 4-digit verification code will be sent to your account (email or cell phone) with the name PANEL SYSTEM.

4) Enter the verification code.

5) Click Next to complete registration. Then you can use this account to access the Panel.

Panel signup

3. How to Follow our Panel UID?

  After entering the Panel, enter our Panel UID(59248186) in the “STORES” tag, click the “Seller” button, find the store and follow our store. For details, please follow the steps below.

follow my panel

4.How to Find MFC prodcuts on Panel

1) Find out my Panel store and click on it

2) Select the prodcut you want to purchase and clink on it. Then you will enter the product price page.

find MFC product

5. How to buy MFC codes on Panel

Step 1: On the product price page, you can check the price. Some products are priced in BRL, some are priced in MXN, and some are priced in US dollars. And the price is different for different quantities, if you think our price is good, please click the “Buy now” button.

Step2: In this step, you need to choose the pricing currency. For example, our MFC products have three pricing options,  BRL、MXN、 and USD. Please choose the pricing currency you think is better.

Step3: Please fill in the quantity of MFC codes you want to purchase

Step4: Click the “Submit” button

Step5: Please choose your payment currency, we support payments in about 10 countries.

Step6: Please select your payment method

Step7: Click the “Pay” button and complete subsequent payment actions.

how to pay on panel

6. How to get your code after payment?

1) Generate codes

After completing your payment, you need to get the code yourself from the panel, which is very fast and secure. You can generate all the code at once or just a portion of them. Please refer to the following picture for the specific process

generate MFC code

2) Take the code

  After generating the code, Please follow the steps below to copy or download the MFC recharge code. The code is the part marked in red line, it is a 16-digit number

tack MFC code

7. How to check code activation status?

1) Check the status of the MFC code

  You can check the usage status of the MFC recharge code on the Panel. Which is more convenient for you to help customers solve problems. Note: You can only check the status of your own code.

query code status

2) Code status description

The code has three states, which are as follows:

Status 1: “Activated on email” , It means that this MFC code has been activated in an email account. You can see the corresponding email and activation time.

Status 2: “Activated on mobile” , It means that this MFC code has been activated in a mobile account. You can see the corresponding mobile number and activation time.

Status 3: “Activated on MAC” , It means that this MFC code has been activated on a device. You can see the corresponding MAC number and activation time. In this state, you can ask your customers to link this code to an email or phone account, which is more secure..

Status 4: “Code Generated”,This status indicates that the code has not yet been activated and you can use it at any time.

MFC code status

8. Summary:

This is a guide on how to use Panel to resell My Family Cinema. In fact, the operation methods of Tvexpress, Bluetv, Redplay and Tvexpress latino on Panel are the same. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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